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Leisuwash Car Wash Equipment Shipment To Voronezh/Russia

Dated 17th, Aug, 2015, Leisuwash finished the testing of demo auto car wash equipment for Moy-ka company from voronezh/Russia, and send the touchfree car wash equipment via a FCL 40’ft container.(Buy car wash equipment)

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Voronezh city (г.Воронеж) located at longitude 39 ° 12’38 “, latitude 51 ° 40’18”, Central Black Earth Region of Russia’s largest economic zone industrial and cultural center of Voronezh state capital. Located in Voronezh River near the confluence with the Don. (Buy car wash equipment)

A population of about 99,16 million. It is an important river port and Moscow – Kiev railway hub. Industrial machinery manufacturing (agricultural machinery, excavators, grinders, 144 supersonic aircraft, etc.) based, time for the chemical and food processing industries. A large nuclear power station nearby. A number of colleges and universities, as well as seventeen to eighteen century monuments.(Buy car wash equipment)