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ASO-LER Automotive Exhibit Leisuwash Car Auto Wash Machine In East Europe

27th, Mar, 2017, Aso-Ler Automotive with Leisuwash present in a Show in East Europe, it getting hot feedback from local customer.

Aso-Ler the main activity is import, distribution and servicing of vulcanization machines and tools. Company is exclusive zastunik company FAIP-HPA, as the designated representative of air tools CHICAGO PNEUMATIC, cosmetics and representative of the Italian automakers while, the associated consumables HATCO, DIONYS HOFMANN, EVER ETERNAL, Wonder, TOP-TYPE, TECH, advisors, MECLUBE.(Car auto wash machine)

In our assortment you can find various types of cranes, apparatus for wheel alignment, tire, balanserki, Demonterke, oil equipment, air tools and various types of washing vehicles.(Car auto wash machine)

An integral part of our business is the sale and distribution of vulcanize raw materials and professional cosmetics for all types of car wash.

Our customers are all that in his work using professional tools, all those involved in servicing cars, light vans and trucks, the independent mechanic and car electric service, through body repair and tire repair workshop and Authorized Service.(Car auto wash machine)

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