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Thailand DALLEE SHOW: The Future Leisuwash Car Wash Machine 360

January 27th, 2016, invited by the chairman of Thailand DALLEE Group, Leisuwash technician present in DALLEE company product show. DALLEE Group is a professional car service company located in Bangkok, Thailand. The company has dozens of auto service stores in Thailand, while operating vehicle supplies. The main purpose for this show is to recommend the company’s products and Leisuwash 360 touchless car wash machine to some Thailand well-known automobile 4S stores, gas stations, automotive beauty shops.(Car wash machine for sale)

Thailand DALLEE Group bought this Leibao 360 automatic washing machine in August, 2015, after six months of use, machine perform stable without faulty, DALLEE chairman feel really satisfied with this automatic car wash equipment and intend to introduce this fantastic wash system to customers and business partners.(Car wash machine for sale)

DALLEE Group also invited some customers representative came to exchange their business model and the development direction and goals. Leisuwash company technician Mr Zeng came to explain the advantages of the Leisu washing machine, and invite everyone to experience the Leisuwash 360, and present the latest OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System to customers, after watching everyone expressed great expectations.

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