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  • Leisuwash WIN5 Automatic Car Wash Equipment
Leisuwash WIN5 Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Leisuwash WIN5 Automatic Car Wash Equipment

  • Product description: Unique fast air drying system is embedded in Leisuwash win5 automatic car wash equipment.Leisu wash win5 touchless car wash equipment takes only 50 seconds to dry a car.

WIN5 Automatic Car Wash Equipment ( Leisuwash )

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Leisuwash WIN5 Overview

Leisuwash WIN5 automatic car wash equipment established intergrated air dryers from model 350 wash system, which we called mini 360, equipped with high-pressure chassis flushing function, chemical automatic proportioning function, no resistance slide 360 degree washing function, soft water coating function, intergrated air dryer features. It provide customers a lower operating cost to deliver a better return on investment.

Leisuwash WIN5 Functions

1. High pressure pre-wash for under chassis and wheels.

Equipped with a unique chassis and fan hub flush function, 90bar high pressure water can effectively remove dirt on vehicle chassis, body sides and wheels.

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2. Smart 360 rotate arm, Flush car body 360° with high pressure water.

Complete 360° rotating within 28 seconds, water saving 50%, electricity saving 60%, automatic detect the length of the vehicle, up to 80bar high pressure water can easily remove the dirt.

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3. Smart 360 rotate arm, spray various washing chemicals with high-precision proportioning technology.

100% accurate measurement with adjustable ratio. only 20~50ml pre-soak consumption for washing one car through high precision chemical mixing system, save material and cost efficiently.

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4. Soft water with crystal wax coat

Soft water can make magic crystal coating color shampoo and wax completely adsorbed body surface, forming a multi-layered interaction strength protective film, car paint become more glorious and beautiful with durable paint protection.

Crystal coating of wax can be generated in the paint surface layer polymer, the water softener fused into a hard protective film, with superior protection of car paint, and features anti-acid rain, pollution, UV erosion.

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5. Intergrated air drying system.

Through the complex fluid design with streamlined round tuyere, significantly reduce wind pressure loss and converging into long-distance high-pressure airflow, direct access to the vehicle surface, it can achieve rapid drying effect whether it is tall SUV or low body sports car.

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Buy Optional OverGlow Hi-Gloss Application System for Leisuwash WIN5 touchless car wash equipment with colorful LED light will attract drivers off street and onto your wash bay, customer will love very shining vehicle, and you will love the extra revenue !


Touchless Car Wash Equipment Leisu wash WIN5 installation drawing

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Technical Parameters:Leisuwash WIN5 Automatic Car Wash Equipment

Main machine size 3000mm*1050mm*750mm
Water pump size 1200mm*700mm*600mm
Chemical mixing system size 800mm*450mm*1400mm
Rail length 7500mm
Min Mounting Dimensions ( length*width*height ) 7600mm*3300mm*3210mm
Max car wash size ( length*width*height ) 5900mm*2600mm*2050mm
Power Requirement 380V/16Kw, 50Hz/60Hz
Water pump motor power 15Kw
Drive System Servo drive system
Sensor System Ultrasonic sensor
Speed 360 wash 28 seconds, energy saving 60%
Pre-soak consumption 20~50ML/Car ( Depends on chemical proportioning )
Crystal wax consumption 20~40ML/Car
Water consumption 100~150L/car
Electricity consumption 0.8 kW·H/car

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